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  1. The following policy will be applied by the BBCBE is processing new membership applications and renewal of membership:


    1. Any prospective member that has a potential to meet the membership requirements in line with the BBCBE Constitution has a right to apply for membership of the BBCBE.

    2. Prospective members are expected to fully complete the relevant Membership Application Form and make available all the relevant attachments as stipulated on the form.

    3. The Membership Fee must be paid prior to the submission of the Membership Application Form for consideration and the proof of payment must be attached to the form upon its submission. Membership Application Forms not accompanied by a proof of payment will not be considered. Unsuccessful applicants are refunded in full.

    4. The Council reserves the right to turn down an application for membership or renewal of membership of the organization based on reasonable and justifiable grounds. The reasons for turning down an application are not exhaustive but might include the following:

    a. Having a bad reputation in the market which will lead to a reputational risk for the BBCBE;

    b. Being deregistered by industry regulators such as the CIDB and NHBRC for contravening their Codes of Conduct;

    c. Being blacklisted from doing business with the public sector by the Treasury;

    d. Undermining the policies of the organization;

    e. Non-cooperation in the implementation of organizational programmes; and

    f. Member Organizations that do not represent the interests of practitioners in the built environment industry.

    5. The administration will ensure that the process of considering membership is completed within 30 working days of the submission and that the decision of the Council is communicated to the applicant.

    6. The applicant has a right to appeal the decision of Council to reject an application for membership subject to new information being provided.

    7. The aforementioned new information, provided to persuade the Council to review its decision, must be submitted to the BBCBE Administrator within 21 working days of receiving the notice of rejection.

    8. The BBCBE will issue an invoice for Membership Fee received upon approval of membership by the Council.

    9. The membership of the BBCBE is renewable annually.

    10. The BBCBE Council reserves the right to review Membership Fees annually.

    11. Upon acceptance of your membership application by the BBCBE Council, a Membership Certificate and the Membership Engagement Pack will be issued.

    12. The company must use the organization’s logo on its letterhead and site boards.

    13. The company is entitled to use the organization’s logo on its stationery.

    14. The company will comply strictly with the organization’s Code of Conduct.