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The Black Business Council in the Built Environment (BBCBE) is the apex organization of black construction and professional organizations in the country. Established in 2007, one of its main objectives is to engage government and other statutory bodies to influence the drafting and implementation of appropriate legislation in order to create an enabling environment for the black constituency in the building and construction industry.

Vision & Mission:

  1. The main purpose of the organization is to create an enabling trading environment for its members.
  2. The organization seeks to present the views, perspectives, and position of black business in the built environment in one, consolidated voice.
  3. To facilitate the significant participation of black business in the SIPS as coordinated through the PICC and other public sector projects.
  4. To facilitate the creation of black industrialists in the built environment sector.
  5. To partner with the government, to the extent possible, to capacitate the state and its agencies, enabling it to have sufficient capacity to implement its infrastructure programme.
  6. To actively promote the interests of our members and stakeholders.
  7. To promote high standards of professionalism in the industry.
  8. To promote technical education and training ensuring a consistent supply of skilled personnel to the industry and upholding quality standards.
  9. To conduct research in conjunction with statutory bodies to influence the policy outlook for the sector.
  10. To facilitate the entry and significant participation of our members in the private sector projects.