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Martha began her work career as a high school teacher in 1985 after obtaining secondary
teachers diploma. She later became a matric biology examiner and external examiner for
the then Vudec, a division of Vista university for further education and training of teachers.
She obtained a BA Degree in 1992 and a B Ed in 1995 from Unisa. She later joined the Vista
University – Mamelodi campus as a Curriculum developer (Sexuality education) as a
lecturer. Martha later joined the North West Water Supply authority as a training facilitator
in 1997. She was head hunted to drive a Literacy project at an Abet centre in Pretoria
(Project Literacy) between 1998-2000. Martha established her own construction company in
2001 and undertook as well as completed various projects. She is a director and shareholder
in a well-established civil company – Kaulani Civils North (PTY) Ltd. She is also spear headed
training programmes for girls through Kaulani Civils North – to train 9 young girls in the field
of quantity surveying. These are girls who have excelled in mathematics and science from
the 9 provinces of South Africa. Because of her extensive knowledge as an educator as well
a member of committee at Ceta (construction and training authority), responsible bursary
allocations for Fets, colleges and universities, she managed this successfully.
Her Organisational affiliations are to date:
Current position held: Treasurer General – National
Current position held: Deputy President – National

Treasurer Provincial (Gauteng Province)
Secretary General – Nafcoc Construction Woman Chapter
National Council Member Nafcoc

Current position held: Shareholder and Director at Kaulani Civils Pty LTD.

Position held: Board Member of the construction seta (Ceta)
Committee member responsible for corporate governance at CETA.
Committee member at BBCBE responsible for the drafting and amending the Ceta
Position held: Member of the CONSTRUCTION CHARTER COUNCIL.
Not only is she passionate about women empowerment and Literacy programmes, she is
involved with the shelter for refugees in Pretoria. She solicits food and clothing for the